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Individual and personalised one to one session during the retreats.


Detailed individual plan following the retreat based upon areas of your life you have chosen you would like to enhance. 


Outdoor experience every day wether, it be by the sea, a loch, mountain or waterfall offering healing in itself and enhancing awareness of being in the moment. We have a range of meditations to use our natural environment and help you take your personal mindfulness practise beyond into the world.


Progressive Mindfulness sessions to help you understand how to use mindfulness through meditation, informal practise and change negative and reactive self talking.


One Day Retreats


Therapist Retreats


Weekend Retreats


4 Days Retreats


Couples' Retreats

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All Heart Wisdom Retreats offer a bespoke and individual guide to improve your personal wellbeing.

Using a unique fusion between Mindfulness and Ecotherapy we take you step by step through the “art of now” or more simply put, how to be present in the moment and learn to escape the inner mind and live in your heart.

We use breathing, awareness of body and connection with your senses to learn how to reduce stress, have greater resilience, improve your relationship with yourself and others as well as improve confidence, self esteem and wellbeing. All from the comfort of our specially chosen Retreat houses.

Now while learning to feel better through meditative and breathing techniques is life enhancing we know that lasting wellbeing comes through being able to relate relaxation and calmness to our everyday sensory world. This is what makes our Retreats unique by connecting with nature and having a few unexpected adventures along the way.

So as part of every retreat we have every day what we call our “gift” experience. Whether experiencing an amazing and health enhancing wild swim with our expert guide in a secluded waterfall or Scottish Loch, taking a boat to experience an island meditation or enjoying an outside mountain meditation at sunrise.

All our retreats are small (max 6-10 people), private, bespoke with luxury accommodation and freshly prepared healthy food onsite.

This ensures you feel comfortable, nurtured, safe to be yourself, meet like minded people and you don’t have to worry about anything but giving yourself much needed space and relaxation.

And, of course, your host Roz will support and guide you to ensure the experience is tailored to the changes you wish to make in your life.

We understand that can be different for everyone’s with this in mind, during your stay we have one to one sessions to help you with a personalised plan to take you beyond the retreat and inspire your own personal wellness journey.

We love the beauty of nature at Heart Wisdom,which was the inspiration behind our “gift” experiences while enjoying a Retreat.. so let me introduce you to Matthew, an experienced wild swimming tour guide, who will be sharing with you his knowledge and love of the magnificent waterfalls and ancient healing pools Skye has to offer. Heart Wisdom works in partnership with SoakupSkye tours as part of our commitment to eco-therapy, helping you learn to connect with nature and live mindfully in the moment.


One Day Retreats

“You only have moments to live”

A gentle nurturing day where you can “gift” time to yourself. Learn about your personal stress triggers and explore simple tools.

Enjoy a day reconnecting with your mind and body, relax, feel nurtured.

For both beginners and anyone more practised in mindful meditation.

How do we do it …
  • Learn simple Mindfulness Meditations
  • How to weave Mindfulness into your life and be less reactive and more responsive in managing stress
  • Gentle movement to ease and take time to relax your body
  • Open space for sharing meditation practice and experience mindful speaking and listening
  • Eco-therapy experience being mindful outside (weather permitting)
  • Loving Kindness meditation

Cultivate awareness through a Nutritious Lunch we provide and enjoy the sight, smell and taste of the food we eat.

All cushions and mats provided. Your are welcome to bring your own cushions, blankets and eye masks for a you experience.

The Mindful Therapist Retreat

“If the path before you is clear, your probably on someone else’s”

Being a therapist you soon discover that your personal and professional development is more than just learning to counsel, but being about the type of person that can counsel. It’s a privilege to hold space for others, but it can be personally very demanding and we can wonder if we are ‘enough’.

Using mindfulness, compassion and acceptance is fast becoming part of the therapeutic landscape and is an inspiring and life changing way to practise, but its much more than a practise tool. Mindfulness helps focus our attention on the present moment, enabling us to experience our thoughts, feelings and awareness without judging and reacting.

An invaluable way to tap into and uncover what we need from ourselves as therapists, experience personal growth and enhance our self development, while investing in your own self care and reminding yourself your human.

How do we do it …

The retreat has been developed to give you:

  • Safe space to develop our own personal mindfulness to enhance self care
    develop awareness, new skills and explore mindfulness in your own practise as a helping human, helping ourselves and those we work with
  • Reconnect and find your own vision of who you are and your unique life purpose
  • Uncover what we need from ourselves for personal growth, boundaries and development through mindfulness
  • Space to connect with fellow practitioners, share and gain insight into how we support ourselves
  • Group and Individual mindfulness sessions
  • A unique integration of mindfulness and Eco-Therapy spending time outdoors everyday meditating in the wild landscape and enjoying a wild swim.

Finding Calm

Weekend Retreats

“Wherever you go, there you are”

The finding calm retreat is for anyone feeling they need some short time-out where they can fit into their life some mindfulness time, de stress and find real ways of maintaining attitudes that prevent stress.

Using a progressive sequence of mindfulness meditations we introduce you to all the meditations needed to find increased resilience, improve health and wellbeing, reduce stress, sleep better and improve work-life balance.

How do we do it …
  • Learn how stress is effecting your life and body
  • Mindfulness practise that will reduce stress and how to weave it into your day
  • Separating thoughts and feelings
  • Re focus on being non judgmental, patient and accepting of yourself.
  • The art of Letting Go
  • How to handle challenging emotions and build resilience
  • Ensuring you have ways to use mindfulness for self-compassion and to take care of yourself
  • Enjoy our blend of mindfulness with eco-therapy and enjoy some mindfulness space with our guide, beside a mountain or loch. There is nothing like making new peaceful memories

Mindfulness Escape Retreat

4 Days Retreats

“Mindfulness gives you time. time gives you choices. Choices, skillfully made, lead to freedom.”

Our Escape retreats have something for everyone wanting to relax, have a unique, bespoke time away where you can be yourself, feel nurtured and meet like minded people in a luxurious, supportive space.

Heart Wisdoms 4 day retreat offers a unique fusion of Mindfulness meditation and Eco-Therapy to allow you to develop Mindfulness practise, live in the present moment, feel better and begin to live a life well lived.

How do we do it …
  • Progressive Mindfulness sessions to help you understand how to use mindfulness through meditation, informal practise and change negative and reactive self talking.
  • Individual and personalised one to one session during the retreat
  • Gentle Movement
  • Outdoor experience every day wether it be by the sea, a loch, mountain or waterfall offering healing in itself and enhancing awareness of being in the moment. We have a range of meditations to use our natural environment and help you take your personal mindfulness practise beyond into the world.
  • Our Wild Swimming Instructor will take us on a guided swimming experience in a secret Loch or Waterfall. Its great fun, improves emotional and physical wellbeing and allows breathing practise useful for mindfulness as well as connecting with nature. Brilliant to build your confidence. (None swimmers accommodated)
  • Luxurious, peaceful surroundings
  • Home cooked nutritious food prepared by our chef at Heart Wisdom
  • Detailed individual plan following the retreat based upon areas of your life you have chosen you would like to enhance.

Mindfulness Couples’ Retreats

Care, Compassion and Commitment

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give love and to let it come in”

It’s true that relationships are like the tide, full of moments that can make you feel connected as well as vulnerable. Keeping a relationship healthy takes Care, Compassion and Commitment as well as new ideas as you discover more about yourselves over time.

Mindfulness is a truly beautiful way to enhance relationships by increasing your awareness of each other, staying in the moment and improving communication, patience, understanding work-life balance and re framing the elusive idea of ‘happiness’ to ‘contentment’.

How do we do it…

From my experiences working with couples I’ve developed the couples retreat, designed to gently put you both on the path to experiencing a fulfilling relationship with each other.

Our couples retreats are small, for a maximum of 5 couples to ensure your comfort, with a mixture of one to one mindfulness work as well as some group mindfulness sessions.

  • Learn together how to build awareness of each others emotional needs
  • Let go of negative attitudes and patterns affecting your relationship with each other
  • Build emotional resilience with your partner by cultivating being open and building trust
  • Experiencing new memories together using our unique blend of eco activities, such as wild swimming or finding hidden unspoilt landscapes for meditation
  • An individual view on how to move forward as a couple
  • Space and time to relax and be a couple together away from life pressures.
  • Experience Mindfulness exercises to use together and individually
  • Create your own personalised relationship vision using meditations focused upon your own relationship needs
  • Gentle touch and movement to enhance caring and compassionate connection
  • Open space for sharing experience, mindful speaking and listening
  • Eco therapy experience, learning new things together outside in nature
  • Individual and personalised one to one session during the retreat
  • Beautiful surroundings and home cooked nutritious food prepared by our Heart wisdom chefs you can concentrate with each other.


Skye & northumberland

Northumberland is a magical place filled with ancient castles; hidden gardens; unspoilt beaches; rolling hills; rugged moorland; sweeping views; and a cultural heritage all of its own.


Having participated in several of Roz's training sessions, I  cannot recommend her retreats highly enough. 

Roz's warmth, compassion, honesty and genuineness shine through in her sessions, which are filled with insights from her professional experience. Her depth of knowledge, wealth of experience and engaging teaching style make for a thought provoking and informative time. 

I have gained insights from Roz which I have applied in both my professional and personal life. Time learning with Roz is time well spent!

Rebecca Moses

I found Roz’s mindfulness work to be inspiring and informative, as well enjoyable and fun. Roz is a relaxed, genuine person who skilfully draws upon her wealth of experience to help you.

She is down-to-earth and makes you feel at ease, whilst expanding your perspective. In fact I appreciated Roz so much as a facilitator that I went on to have some one-to-one sessions with her!




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